Caledon Mountain Wildlife Supplies
18371 Hurontario St. (in the back of the plaza)
Caledon Village, Ontario
L7K 0X7

Phone: 519.927.3212



COVID-19 Procedure 

** Updated: April 2021

Yes we are open for business !! We are stickin’ to the rules, so we are only able to provide curbside pick-up at this time. You can place an order for prepaid pick-up or you can call us from the parking lot and we’ll bring it out to you right there on the spot. All forms of payment will be honored, including cash. If you need help to load your vehicle please do not hesitate to ask. 

We value your business and we’re here to serve you. 


Regular Business Hours 

Tuesday – Friday ~ 10am – 6pm  

Saturday ~ 10am – 5pm 

Sunday & Monday – CLOSED








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