Bird Feeders and Houses

Nesting Boxes

Caledon Mountain Wildlife Supplies carries an extensive selection of bird feeders and nesting boxes.

Our bird feeders are made from a variety of materials ranging from recycled plastic to cedar, pine and barn board made by local craftsmen. Our stock caters to a vast variety of birds you would like to attract to your backyard. We have tube, tray, fly thru bird feeders, suet cages and nut wreaths from the simplest style to a more decorative version.

We stock tube feeders for seed and nyjer by such recognized names as Droll Yankees and Aspects. They are a great product with a limited lifetime warranty.

We carry the complete Brome Squirrel Buster line. The most popular being the Mini, Peanut, Classic, Finch and Plus. This product is very effective in deterring Squirrels, with a weight adjustment to attract only the birds you would like to see.

The NoNo brand feeders are also a very popular-all metal tray feeder- wonderful for providing Safflower, Sunflower Seeds and Sunflower Hearts. A number of styles and colours to choose from.

Droll Yankee Bird Feeders

Our variety of nesting boxes cater to bluebirds, sparrow, swallows and martins. Have bats in your neighbourhood?
Caledon Mountain Wildlife Supplies offers cedar bat houses from Woodlink.

We also have a large selection of Hummingbird feeders from Perky Pet and Woodlink. Trays, upside down for decorative bottles, deck and window models with suction cups great for pets and kids to view in the comfort of your home. We also have Oriole feeders from trays to skewers or the popular 3 in one for jelly’s, fruit and nectar.

Bird Accessories

If Accessories are what you are looking for, Caledon Mountain Wildlife Supplies has a selection of versatile pole set ups with sturdy mounts whether it be free standing or post mount versions. Quick Connect hangers from Erva, decorative finials or single connections for water trays and additional feeders. The options are endless.

We also have a number of stabilizing prongs, ground screws and stakes for harder materials such as clay.

Erba Bird Feeder Pole set    Bird Feeder pole systems     pole system for bird feeders  Hand crafted wooden nesting box

Come on in and view the great selection at very reasonable prices.

Brome, Woodstreem, No No, Droll Yankees, Aspects