We’ve been bringing nature to your backyard for over 30 years!!


custom blended bird feedWe take pride in our commitment to providing quality feed for wild birds and local wildlife, quality bird feeders, bird houses, made by local craftsmen and the accessories necessary to enhance your experience with nature at very reasonable prices. We also carry an assortment of dog & cat food and supplies for your furry friends. Come and check out our newly expanded retail space and find the perfect item for your fur-baby. 

Caledon Mountain Wildlife was originally founded in 1991 by Brian Thayer and his partner Dawn in a turn of the century drive shed at the rear of a converted homestead to plaza at the 4 corners of Hurontario Street and Charleston Sideroad in Caledon Village, Ontario. They were lifelong bird lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. 

Alot of research went into the selection of ingredients suitable for wild birds before the proven blends were adopted for Caledon Mountain Wildlife’s seal of approval. The seed mixes have been proven time and time again as the preferred blends with high quality bird seed, blended on site and in small batches to retain its freshness. We use very little fillers in our mixes which is commonly found in birdfeed mixes that are mass manufactured for the retail market or in big box stores. No fillers and no waste = Happy Birds.

Tony Kairys and his wife Linda owned the store from February of 2014 -2017. They visit the store often and always have great bird stories to share.


In 2017 a young entrepreneur and wild bird enthusiast, Brett Lagerquist acquired Caledon Mountain Wildlife. Brett is a motivated business owner who takes pride in his commitment to providing quality feed for wild birds and local wildlife. 

Brett later hired Michele Runtas, a self-proclaimed “Bird Nerd” to help with the daily operations of the store. Her longtime love of birds, gardening & nature made her the perfect fit into the Caledon Mountain Wildlife family.


In July of 2023, Brett expanded the business and opened a second location called “Dufferin Wildlife Supplies” located at 287a Broadway in Orangeville. We now have 2 LOCATIONS to serve you (and your birds) better. Check out http://wildlifesupplies.ca


“Our commitment is to continue to help our customers bring nature to their backyards and provide the very best products for years to come.” ~ Brett Lagerquist