In the beginning….


Little Boy

Caledon Mountain Wildlife was founded in the 1991 by Brian Thayer and his partner Dawn in a turn of the century drive shed at the rear of a converted homestead to plaza at the 4 corners of Hurontario St and Charleston Side road in Caledon Village, Ontario. They were lifelong bird lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Much research went into the custom blending of seed for wild birds before the proven blends were adopted for Caledon Mountain Wildlife’s seal of approval. The products have been proven time and again as the preferred blends with high quality bird seed, blended daily to retain its freshness without the fillers commonly found in birdfeed mixes, mass manufactured for the retail market or in big box stores. No fillers, no waste…


Tony Kairys and his wife Linda adopted the stores feline mascots Pumpkin and Little Boy in February of 2014 from Brian, with his decision of retirement and with them the purchase of Caledon Mountain Wildlife Supplies was acquired.

Tony’s introduction to wildlife began as a bush pilot in Northern Canada in the late 70’s where he observed birds and wildlife in abundance, undisturbed in the vast Canadian wilderness. He instantly enjoyed experiences he was a part of, during this period in his life and this enjoyment was also shared by his wife Linda. Bird watching became an integral part of their lives


Brian passed the reigns to Tony a long-time customer and friend, whom over the years helped Brian in his off hours mix the popular blends which make Caledon Mountain Wildlife unique. Long -time animal, wildlife lovers and bird watching enthusiasts themselves the fit was perfect to carry on the legacy with their feline mascots, rescue animals that have made the drive shed their home. Brian will remain their Honorary Associate and wildlife mentor.



They take pride in their commitment to providing quality feed for wild birds and local wildlife, quality bird feeders, bird houses, made by local craftsmen and the accessories necessary to enhance your experience with nature at very reasonable prices.

Tony and Linda’s curiosity of the bird world grew once making Caledon Village their home in 1992 with their 3 children Lindsay, Jonas and Emily. Rural life provided many opportunities to observe the local wildlife and the abundance of native and migratory birds. Their enjoyment of this interaction brought them to Caledon Mountain Wildlife looking for the appropriate feed to enhance and optimise these experiences. Bird lovers were born…

They enjoyed sharing wildlife and birding with their children making it a large part of their lives camping in the far north and continue to do so with their wonderful grandchildren Madison, Emerson and the newest addition to the family soon to grace their presence.

Upon purchasing the store, their delight in sharing the joys of bird watching with others and listening to their customers experiences in turn has made this transition in their lives a rewarding and exciting new adventure which they hope to carry on for many years to come.

The commitment is to continue to help their customers with…

“Bringing Nature to your Backyard.”

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